Fenty Foundation Trial

This past weekend I was able to do my friend’s makeup, I had forgotten how much fun it is. It’s like painting on a blank canvas, with so many colors and brushes and seeing the final result on a smiling face. Let’s start off by saying that my friend very light skinned, and her main concern is not looking to pale without overdoing the bronzer.

We used Fenty foundation by Rihanna, this was my first time working with this foundation and I am not sure if I love it yet. The foundation is very lightweight and breathable but it is not the most full-coverage foundation out there. We went for the color 150 Natural and as I applied it, I realized it was very shear and needed a couple of coats of foundation, the good thing with this foundation is that it is very buildable without making your face look cakey. Overall, I loved the outcome she looked gorgeous and happy.


Also, can I throw in there that I thinks she looks a little like Megan Fox here?


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